Friday, April 7, 2017

 Diamond Veneer JewelryTooth Veneer, Wood Veneer and now Diamond Veneer? Is it for Real?

 March, 2017 – Looks like this Los Angeles based Company nailed this concept of coating
Carbon Diamonds onto Cubic Zirconia to a practical use.
"The main advantage of this Concept is the fact that DIAMOND VENEER blurred
the main differences between real Diamonds and the CZ, to a point of
absolute no recognition" says the Company founder, Yaacov Hassidim. "The
fact that the CZ is no longer white, now; even professional jewelers lost
their expert eye advantage recognizing DIAMOND VENEER as fakes!"
"This new revolutionary Coating concept allows women (and Man) to wear the
DIAMOND VENEER jewelry without worries of being detected as wearing fake!".
"It's a CZ on Steroids" he exclaims.

Yaacov mentions more practical advantages, such as mixing the DIAMOND VENEER
with Real jewelry. "Nobody would ever know" he continues. Travelers keep
their Real jewelry in the Safe and wear this ultimate Diamond Simulant.
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Friday, March 17, 2017

The best cubic zirconia in the World Diamond Veneer

The Ultimate Guide to Your Engagement and Wedding Jewelry
Wedding planning encompasses several different tasks that are to be scheduled, prearranged and premeditated to ensure a success come the main event day. Ring choosing is among these tasks and just like any other part of planning your wedding, choosing both your engagement and wedding rings is as crucial. The number of ring dealers and the rings themselves that exist currently in the market are quite a large variety, and thus, it is often a primary concern to most couples when it comes to choosing the wedding jewelry.  As a result, I seek to address this contentious issue by developing an ultimate guide to choosing both your engagement and wedding jewelry.
There are several factors to look at when selecting that perfect choice ring for your wedding. The main aspect here being your budget. How much are you willing to spend as per your preset budget? As different rings vary in price, you need to carefully plan your budget and avoid going over your head when deciding on the funds, and you will need later as the wedding planning progresses. Simulated diamonds are not only considerate to your tight budget as you plan your wedding but they also finely crafted and set just like real diamonds ensuring that you will not just afford them but also have the exact exceptional quality just like the real diamonds. As the saying goes, ‘diamonds are a girl's best friend' we all know that not all of us can afford real diamonds and therefore; as a result, simulated diamonds are here to make it up to you.
A simulated diamond refers to an imitation of a real diamond made out of materials similar gemological features to those of diamonds. Good examples include cubic zirconia, moissanite, and zircon. These diamond alternatives are crafted just like real diamonds and minted into wedding rings, bands and engagement rings which are sold at a relatively lower price compared to real diamonds. How do you pick a decent imitation diamond? The ultimate replica has to look as much as possible as the real diamond. As a result, I have developed two dimensions which should be able to help you select the perfect imitation. The physical structure and the appearance.
Starting off with the appearance feature. Before you pick out a diamond alternative, your primary emphasis should be on the brilliance, clarity, and color.  As for color, being the primary quality assessed in diamonds, go for colorless as they are deemed the most valuable.
Stones like synthetic garnet, rutile, spinel, zircon, white sapphire, cubic zirconia and moissanite are colorless and often the perfect choices in casting diamond imitations.
Clarity being the second in line, choose replicas that are devoid of both the surface and the internal flaws. This will make the imitations to look as natural as possible because the natural stones just as diamond have no imperfections. As a result, as you look at the imitations with your naked eyes, ensure you see no flaw, get that clear stone. A good example that can be used here is cubic zirconia, as it is lab-created, it does not show any faultiness. Moissanite can also be used.
Brilliance is yet an additional feature to look at when choosing your imitation. In this characteristic, you have to bear in mind that because of the variations in the physical properties amid the diamonds and the simulants, the brilliance is not the same. However, stones like Moissanite are sometimes more brilliant than the real diamonds themselves.
As I finish on these characteristics, I will also talk about diamond imitation hardness as yet another factor to consider. Diamond being the hardest of all the stones, this qualifies this as a crucial feature as you look to acquire your imitation. With the help of the Mohs scale of hardness, you can be able to discern the perfect choice that you need. For example, Moissanite is the most durable with 9.5 out of 10, immediately below diamond which is rated 10. White sapphire comes next in line with about 9 out of 10 and then there is Cubic zirconia with 8 out of 10. Take hardness as a crucial aspect as it determines the duration of the imitation that you will choose.
Having understood all about diamond imitations and the factors to consider, here are a few extra tips that will act as a guide for the purchase of simulated diamonds. The main reason why most imitations can be discerned as fakes are simply the setting. Therefore, you should ensure to have the finest quality setting.  The basic aim of going for the imitation stones in the first place was saving, thus, as you seek to maximize on this, opt for online purchases, this will ensure excellent savings. Most online stores offer warranty and an insignificant fee to replace a lost stone or reset a loose one. Lastly and most importantly, if the stone you are buying is meant for engagement, ensure to consult with the other party first before you go ahead and buy, most people have not learned to appreciate and accept the imitation stones.
Therefore, why should you choose the simulated diamonds instead of the real diamonds? I thought you might like to know this. As already mentioned above, the simulated and the real diamonds are more or less the same things; it is tough to tell them apart especially to untrained eyes. The simulated diamonds are also deemed to be bigger and clearer compared to the real diamonds. As their manufacture is under a controlled environment, the conditions of production are set to achieve better diamonds. And of course, as I already said above, simulated diamonds will save your money as they are significantly cheaper compared to the real diamonds. Unlike real diamond which comes with pollution, mining, open pits that tatter the environment, the simulated diamonds do nothing of the sort. The simulated diamonds also assure conflict free operations, unlike real diamonds which have torn African nations and created major war zones, simulated diamonds will not do such a thing.
Moving away from the budget, you will also need to consider other factors like the different styles that are used in setting the stones. This part directly rates to men, as proposing falls on the male gender, it is up to you to know her taste, the type of ring she will not pretend to appreciate. To get it right, one has to once again take into consideration some things. Most crucial being discovering her style, her lifestyle and her personality. All the three will guide you to choose the ring that she will appreciate. Just like real diamonds, simulant diamonds are crafted with the very same settings and styles.
The classic solitaire
This is the best match for a traditional yet elegant personality. A plain metal was holding a stone in the center. Some other people may require a glamor touch, and that is why a trellis or basket setting exists, such as shown below.
Halo engagement settings
This style best suits the outgoing and stylish individuals. With the stones set higher such that several small stones surround a single bigger stone in the middle.
Bezel setting
Is your fiancĂ©e nature loving and outdoorsy, then Bezel is her thing?  A thin metallic band strategically placing the stone adjacent to its girdle which can sometimes be fitted with organic material such as flowers completes the Bezel setting.
Sculptural rings
This is a setting which covers for the modern, current and contemporary person. It rarely differs from Bezel setting, but it has its unique features. An image below will illustrate the rest to you.
Milgrain rings
Lastly in the top five ring settings, is the setting that is best for the timeless and romantic individuals.
Having agreed on all the above, you are moving to the main decision making, but before you get there, you need to know the three main types of simulated diamonds that you are likely to meet in the market.
Cubic Zirconia
This is a widely available and cheap diamond imitation which as much as it does not offer the exact durability and clarity as the real diamonds, it is a nice choice. It is highly recommended for fashion simulated ventures, but you can also use it in wedding and engagement purposes.
Being chemically matching to real diamonds, Gemesis stones ranging in color from pink to canary yellow (fancy colored) they can also substitute real diamonds.
Since their introduction in 1998, their resilience and brilliance have ensured they rule most of the world's jewelry world. They are almost as durable as diamonds and as a result made it very popular for wedding bands and engagement rings.

In conclusion, with the implausible changes in the ever-dynamic technology, simulated diamonds have come by when most required. Being able to be used for not minting engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fashion jewelry, they assure great savings on your budget and higher quality settings. As you seek to acquire that perfect jewelry, look for online stores which deal in high quality simulated for example Diamond Veneer an online store which provides the best diamond simulants in the world. The maximum quality diamond coated cubic zirconia jewelry available today. The most beautiful simulated diamond jewelry imaginable. We also provide the look and feel of real diamonds at a fraction of the cost. The simulated diamond rings, diamond simulants earrings & diamond alternative pendants are perfect for a night out in town and also service as the perfect travel jewelry. For more information please have a look at our website and check out the videos and testimonials on our about us page and browse our affordable imitation diamonds rings, synthetic diamonds earrings & diamond alternatives pendant and help us spread the word how women can enjoy experiencing the look and feel of diamonds at affordable prices.