Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Recent reviews on Diamond Veneer

George Cunnigham on Wedding Wire:

"It was a wonderful experience being able to pick and choose from Diamond Veneer's brilliant collection of affordable jewelry. Picking the most exiting pieces made me look really good in front of the bride to be and she ;loved the addition to her jewelry collection. Not to mention the other guests and friends where blown away as my gifts where opened and they could not believe that I was able to shower the bride with a set of rings pendants and earrings diamonds with my income. But Diamond Veneer made it all possible and surely mad me look great in front of my friends and relatives. Way to go Diamond Veneer, Thanks again and I'm looking forward to the next event, But I'm sure I will be back before the upcoming holiday season to pick out some more nice pieces."

Diamond Veneer, A picture is worth a thousand words… 

It is so elgent, beautiful, and perfect. It looked wonderful on my neck! It matched my perfect black sweater wonderfully! The wonderful people over at Diamond Veneer has offered a 50% off coupon!
What a perfect Christmas present! Diamond Veneer!