Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

 DaimodnVeneer Forweer Motion simulated diamonds, diamond coated cubic zirconia jewelry

Valentine's Day Special! 
Introducing the "Forever Motion" Diamond Veneer Collection. Hand Crafted in
the USA, this Perpetual Motion Jewelry never stops moving. The Glittering
effect equals the sparkle of Real Diamonds at an affordable price.

This revolutionary process of treating Cubic zirconia with a film of Carbon
Diamond particles results in a flawless "G" color on the diamond color scale.

As its namesake states; the veneer of carbon diamond crystallizes around the
entire gem, visually creates a "G" color Diamond in the Diamond color scale.
This vaporization process under extreme heat and pressure conditions significantly
 increases (5-times) the fire, refraction and durability of the CZ at a fraction of the
cost. Diamond Veneer will revolutionize the way we look at CZ's and will certainly
render them obsolete.

Diamond Veneer: Is soon to become the iconic term used to define this new,
innovative process in this jewelry niche! As "Kleenex" is for napkins, and
"Frigidaire" is for refrigerators, so too Diamond Veneer will be for Cubic Zirconia.

How do you spell Diamonds at a Cubic zirconia price? Diamond Veneer.
How do you spell luxury at an affordable price? Diamond Veneer.
It's our dirty little secret!

If it looks like a Diamond, Sparkling like a Diamond, it must be Diamond